A cop suspended after gir films video atop duty car

a police officer in Punjab, India was suspended after a girl filmed a video atop his duty car. 

The video went viral on social media, and the officer was issued a summons for an explanation. He was subsequently suspended for misconduct.

This incident is a reminder that police officers are expected to maintain a high standard of professional conduct at all times, even when they are off duty. Their actions can reflect on the entire police force, and they must be careful to avoid any behavior that could be seen as improper or unprofessional.

It is also a reminder that the public has a right to hold police officers accountable for their actions. If you see a police officer engaged in misconduct, you should report it to their supervisor or to the police department's internal affairs unit.

I am glad that the police department in this case took swift action to discipline the officer involved. This shows that they are committed to maintaining public trust and ensuring that their officers are held to the highest standards of conduct.

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